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Yesterday i released the Firefox OS Bookmark plugin for WordPress!

It’s my first official plugin for WordPress but let me explain its features!



  • Basic manifest.webapp (domain.tld/manifest.webapp) file
  • Icons support
  • MultiSite support
  • Manifest support for multilanguage
  • Popup installation (settings)

If you’re using Firefox now you ‘ll see a popup for install on your pc my site. So this plugin transform your wordpress site in a simple Open Web App Hosted!

It’s possible choose in the settings the browser that show the popup (Firefox Desktop/Firefox for Android/Firefox OS).

Also the generated manifest.webapp file with the settings filled it’s ready for the Firefox Marketplace!

This site now is in the state of “Waiting approval” on the Firefox Marketplace so when it’s approved the plugin be confirmed work for the marketplace.

The screenshots page it’s full of some example 🙂

The plugin is on Github:

Thanks very much for the help the WordPress Plugin Reviews Team for the suggestions and the App reviewers team for the suggestions 🙂


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